About Us

Captain Bruce Black has close to 40 years of ocean experience and literally thousands of hours of canoe sailing, including inter-island racing. His skill and knowledge will be generously shared on your voyage.

Captain Bruce Black, with his wife Cindy.

Sail the gentle swells in the protected waters off Waikiki. As and active member of the crew you will learn how to assist in trimming the sail, balancing the canoe for performance, paddle the canoe and control the vessel with a large steering paddle.

Whether canoe sailing, surfing, snorkeling or fishing, Aloha Spirit Hawaii ensures your comfort and safety.

Private Charters

  • Depart from Kaimana Beach at the east end of Waikiki
  • Weekday Tours 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday & sunday Tours 12:30 – 2:30 pm 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • We can customize your cruise with our options of boats and locations
  • with advanced bookings, just give us a call.

Our boats

Big red is located in Waikiki on the water by Kaimana beach this location has the best sunsets on the island.  [add map quest link]
This is our primary boat and location to sail.  [add photos of boat]

The Inokea is our yellow boat located in the water off Lanikai beach.
This beach is extreamly beautiful with it’s white sand and crystal blue waters. The calm surf makes it perfect for stand-up paddle boards and fun snorkeling.

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[add photos of boat]

The pontoon party boat is located in xxxxxxx and is great for going out to the sand bar on weekends. We can also bring it to Waikiki as an addition to the red boat for larger parties.

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The Aloha Spirit Hawaii crew takes great pride in sharing with our guests the rich historical and ecologically friendly culture of the Hawaiian Islands. We will discuss Polynesian voyagers and theories of how they ventured from far off lands to settle on the remotest island chain on earth.

Our history

We started Aloha Spirit Hawaii back in 19xx. Here are a few pictures of boats back then.

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