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Aloha Spirit Hawaii will create a trip that’s right for you!

All trips include an introduction to Hawaiian canoe sailing, including tips on paddle the canoe, trimming the sails, balancing the canoe for performance, and even steering the sailing canoe with a large steering blade.

Our most popular cruise options

Private parties

We will make your party a unforgettable experience and can help with decorations and additional ice chests.  Give us a call and we can recommend some fun ideas.

Kids parties

Fun and safety! All the kids love to play on our boat! We just had a pirate party birthday party this year.


Surf safari

Venture off to the secluded surf breaks on the south shore of Oahu and learn to surf in uncrowded waves. Share a wave with a friend and have a special, down-to-earth ocean experience. Try our stand up paddle boards in the calm waters of Waikiki and Lanikai.

Tropical snorkeling

Dive into the crystal blue waters and explore the sparkling sand channels off Waikiki. Observe with a mask the Marin life and natural coral structures pointed out by your guide.

Reef Fishing

Trolling the teeming reefs or casting your favorite lure can provide thrilling action to your sailing experience. Try your luck catching Jacks (Ulua), Barracudas (Kaku) and othre predator reef fish.

Family reunions

Large or small we can handle them all. You can book the boat for the whole day and make sure everyone gets a sail.

Sunset Sails

Sail off into the sunset off Waikiki for a 2 hour cocktail cruise that will amaze you and your friends. This sail has the most beautiful sunsets in Hawaii and is the most relaxing way to end your day.

Romantic sails

This is perfect for the couple who just want to get away for a peaceful time alone on the beautiful waters of Waikiki.


Make a grand entrance or a picture perfect escape! We can dock the boat on almost any beach you are getting married at. This is offers photo opportunities for your Hawaiian wedding you will cherish a lifetime.

Ash Ceremonies

Saying good by is a hard thing to do. This is a beautiful way for your family and friends to join together in this time.

To make a reservation please feel free to contact us.

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